This video about “Flyway” a public art project in Albuquerque convinced me to attend this workshop Self Promotional Video: A How-To with Roberto Mighty sponsored by the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston taking place this Tuesday March 20, 6-8 pm. 

More websites I visit feature video, and I think it is a great way to engage a viewer - especially when describing the steps involved in an arduous public art process.  In 2010, photographer Stephanie Ewens created One in a million RI : Gillian the Sculptor about how I work.  In recent correspondence I was able to link to it, which told my story quickly and with visuals, rather than writing it all out.

While watching the “Flyway” video, I was literally biting my nails and emotionally involved! More over, I liked the artwork better because I fully understood the artists’ intent. I look forward to learning how to make my own short videos to help describe concepts, processes and stories behind specific pieces.